NFS Most Wanted 2012 – Single Player information HD

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More single player information about NFS MW 2012.
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8 Comments on “NFS Most Wanted 2012 – Single Player information HD”

  1. Game is good for who love burnout type games
    horrible for who were expecting this game to have a story and was comparing it to MW1
    thumbs up who have played this game and agree with me!!!!

  2. well i wont argue or debate with u abt nfshp views…as every person has a different view of every game in the nfs series..honestly..most of the people love nfshp..and i love it till today! i wil be looking foward for the upcoming nfsmw this year..

  3. dude..calm down..just give it a chance to bloom up..the isnt that bad just bcoz it has a burnout style gameplay…the same type of gameplay is in NFSHP(2010) and it turned out to be one of the best nfs games ever made after NFSMW(2005).so just give it a chance…and i am sure this game will be good…wait till the full release of the game is out this nov.

  4. cant wait burnout and need for speed mix sound very nice hope it plays like burnout but has the cars we know ans love like nfs always does i wanna see some psvita version gameplay now though please want to really get both ps3 and psvita

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