NFS Most Wanted bot driving

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Requirements to make a bot drive for you: Trainer, and maybe your nfs most wanted needs to be updated to version 1.3. And the trainer must have an option that you can go 500 mph by just pressing one button.

This is a glitch/bug. If you don’t believe me, get nfs most wanted, a trainer, and then try this out yourself.

I occasionally press the car to go 500 mph to show how good the bot drives even in high speeds. The bots driving isn’t perfect but it’s…

25 Comments on “NFS Most Wanted bot driving”

  1. If there is an actual bot, you should place a link in the description so people can test it out. All I see, to be honest, is someone pressing the "INSTANT SPEED" button and then someone driving the car on the third try.

  2. Replying to two of your comments: The Cpu that does the driving(the bot) doesn't use the boost propably because the bot driving in the beginning of every challenge doesn't use it, it is not scripted, unlike the constant throttle and evading the cops. And at 2:20 i used the trainer's speed cheat to get the gallardo out of a sticky situation so it could continue the pursuit.

  3. no lähinnä tarkoitin sitä audia jonka mainitsin.
    suht. raskas auto kun on kyseessä. viimeksi kun katsoin asiaa niin paineli viritetty A4 poliisin suluista helposti läpi käyttämättä hidastusta.

  4. Just try to find a trainer (from google) that has an option that you can change. By that i mean the speed. So find a trainer that has an adjustable speed. I don't remember where i downloaded mine…

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