NFS Most Wanted PS2 Demo – Multipoint race

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Multipoint is a scrapped game mode from the game Need for Speed: Most Wanted. It’s commonly believed that It would have two similar game modes: “Cash Grab” and “Checkpoint Race”. This would explain why we have two options for Multipoint Races in Quick Race selection on PS2 Demo. You can see it in my video at 7:45:

So, seems that during the race (and despide the missing barriers), I was free to run around this…

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  1. Vídeo foda man, como você descobre todos essas coisas escondidas no game, ainda mais numa demo?

    E a minha outra pergunta será em relação ao Carbon.

    Você poderia converter ou Habilitar os Vinyls Únicos dos Boss e Membros da Crew para compra.

  2. Nice find! It's very interesting to see the many things the developers scrapped before the release. Which makes me wonder, is there any way to "stitch" the data from the demo to the PC version? As in: extract all the assets from the demo, adding/replacing (via VLT-Edit and/or Hex Editing) the necessary files , and test it out?

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