OCD – PUBG Bullet Whiz

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Bullet whiz range – 0:11
Sound engine/muzzle flash vs sound – 0:27
Bullet whiz breakdown – 0:47
Subsonic weapons – 1:25
Threat determination – 1:53
Silenced weapon…

35 Comments on “OCD – PUBG Bullet Whiz”

  1. The bullet is the one traveling faster than the sound, so if your trying to find the gun shot, you have to wait until you can hear the sound, and yet the suppressor is wrong, the suppressor is not quiet at all and there should be a puff of smoke. In conclusion, you'll hear the bullet whizzing or cracking first than the gunshot sound, and I know this cuz me and my buds do stupid shit here in Texas.

  2. Bullet cracks are the scariest fucking noises in all of videogaming. I think I'm traumatised from playing Arma and DayZ years ago. Though I do always find it extremely easy in pubg to isolate the initial gunshot and it's direction so I guess it paid off.

  3. good info in the video, but you talked over all the shots when giving examples. Might be helpful to list the examples you stated, then provide just the audio of the shots so folks can hear it.

  4. Your voice was very loud in relation to the sound of the game. Would have been super super helpful to actually hear what you were talking about, but regardless, thank you for the video.

  5. its a good topic to cover… but it would be nice to have more parts with just shooting sounds, and no talking….. i think the info in the video should still help out, im always confused where shots come from, especially with my bad sound glitching that has yet to be fixed in a patch.

  6. I love that you made a video out of my suggestion. Thank you!
    I understand that the crack/whizz does not help you, but do you happen to have footage of you trying to shoot a listener from different angles such that I can
    see it with my own eyes?

  7. does the crack…boom theory of real life work in pubg? crack boom is a method used to determine the range of a shooter by timing the difference between the crack of the bullet going by you and the boom of the gun being fired.

  8. Thanks (again) for the really informative video. I just wanted to ask, if you could maybe make a vid about graphic settings? I think there is a lot of confusing and/or outdated stuff out there and I'm still not sure if I have the right settings for max. fps.

  9. Since the supersonic crack from the bullet should happen inside the barrel or shortly after the end of the barrel, shouldnt the shot and crack sound arrive at the enemy at the same (nearly) exact time?

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