PAN vs. GROZA + 34-Kill Squad Game – PUBG Mobile

PAN vs. GROZA + 34-Kill Squad Game – PUBG Mobile | Powerbang Gaming
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2018 was epic:

So fun to smack down the last guy in a PUBG Mobile game with a Pan… This time he knocked CguT with the Groza and was eyeballing me next…

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24 Comments on “PAN vs. GROZA + 34-Kill Squad Game – PUBG Mobile”

  1. Sir, i want to play in ur team. Lets play together sirr. Im not a Good player but i want to play with you.. if u hv no prblm plzz lets play together sirrr. I like ur channel, ur playing style.. im looking forward to it. Waiting fr ur reply .

  2. I love watching PowerBang, but since playing USA server and Europe server, I can chicken dinner on USA no worries… European, I'm lucky to get into the top ten. Latency is not an issue. PowerBang try European server and see how good you are! I

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