PRO Customize Claw Control Setting | This Setting Make a PRO Player on PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile –
PRO Customize Claw Control Setting, This Setting Make a PRO Player on PUBG Mobile.

In this video I showed perfect control setting for everyone and this setting make a good player.This is three Finger Claw Setting yes you need to use three finger only…..Good Luck

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33 Comments on “PRO Customize Claw Control Setting | This Setting Make a PRO Player on PUBG Mobile”

  1. Noob ass madafacker trying to show his his crappy 3 finger claw setup. In training mode I usually practice with lightening fast flick with m24. I am gyro + 4 finger claw player Ace rank, K/D : 5.17, Max kill : 27.

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  3. Sir2.8 min. Mara jho aap NE small sniper rifle ki setting kari. Jhab Mae. Setting open Kart hu thab hat ha jhab Mae game khalu taab nhi hat kon shi settings KARO jho haye. Android mae

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