PUBG Break-Down Ep. 4: Analyzing Rank 1 Player ChocoTaco – BATTLEGROUNDS TIPS AND TRICKS

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30 Comments on “PUBG Break-Down Ep. 4: Analyzing Rank 1 Player ChocoTaco – BATTLEGROUNDS TIPS AND TRICKS”

  1. This video shows how audio makes a huge difference in all FPS games, but PUBG seems to be one of those games that you have to do your research to make sure you have the right sound settings. I don't like that part of PUBG. Everyone should be able to hear the same things by default, not need to set your EQ a certain way. Counterstrike was awesome in the respect.

  2. I believe I can learn and get a lot better at PUBG once I stop getting match up with people who only say and understand one thing and that is "China number 1" XD

  3. in the beginning, you say he doesn't peek from the same place twice, during the game he peeks from the same spot 10 times. You explain the enemy is standing at the window exposing himself completely, this guy scopes out in the middle of the window shooting at others and no one opens fire at him. In the beginning of the game again he is just standing and following the guy on the tower without looking at anything else until he gets him but as he turns around very near in the next building he finds someone else where he closed the door on the enemy. That guy was just looking at random shit instead of coming after him as he was shooting at the tower. Most of these get me killed instantly but most of you streamers don't seem to have any stress with any of these at all. I can jump to a hot spot 100 times and die before even seeing a gun more often than anything and some of you guys just killing at least 3-5 unarmed random dudes running around at the beginning of almost every round. I got my first solo win playing under 50 hours yet I am really frustrated with a bunch of unfair shit in the game. Once ffs I wanna see 3-4 guys running around me with nothing as I blow their heads with a stupid shotgun! Never happened! EVER!

  4. I feel it's a bit unfair to say that last guy has poor decision making. He was most likely in the trees to the SE playing for the circle to be closer to him. RNG gave the last 3 circles to exactly Choco's position. Not saying Choco wouldn't have won had the roles been reversed, but that dude was solid, and was reacting to bad RNG vs poor decision making.

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