PUBG SCAR vs M416 With The New Grips (PC 1.0 Update 12)

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On this video, we are gonna test the PUBG SCAR vs M416. The battle of the assault rifles in PUBG. For many, these are the go to ARs.

Testing methodology is as usual 5 sprays with each PUBG New Grips attachments, Half grip, light grip, thumb grip, angled grip and the vertical all tested here. Then a side by side comparison with both weapon’s spray pattern chart.

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25 Comments on “PUBG SCAR vs M416 With The New Grips (PC 1.0 Update 12)”

  1. hey bud! you should remake this video and the smg grips comparison video from a further distance. this is too close to the target and is not a good indicator of horizontal recoil.

  2. Very good content, I appreciate you taking your time doing this for us just like WackyJacky101, you and him fit well together and if you were to work together in the future, it would be even better, you should try to contact him and see if you 2 can't put some good informational video out there and get you in the spotlight so you can get custom server access as well, since it seems really hard to have to do this in normal games. Good luck Maestro.

  3. Liking it because it's great to see actual data. Reading the forums everyone is going on about how the recoil on the M4 is so much worse than the Scar…in Game I've found the Scar to be worse, this video kind of proves it for me. The Scar's kickback is just at a really uncomfortable point for me, to the point I don't like using it. I don't even pick it up right now.

  4. Videos like these that provide really concrete information make me wonder if the devs have a plan for each gun and what use case they're designed for. They nerfed ARs and buffed pistols, but I'm not sure if that really changes things that much.

  5. Great video, short and with a lot of information, you should make a video comparing all AR's, to see which one is better, I would like to see how the ak compares with the m4 and scar. Keep up the great work

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