Realm Royale VS Fortnite VS Pubg | 12 kills Gameplay

Realm Royal VS Fortnite VS Pubg | Gameplay 12 kills Gameplay If you guys enjoyed realm royal gameplay be sure to smash that like button and subscribe if your new!

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43 Comments on “Realm Royale VS Fortnite VS Pubg | 12 kills Gameplay”

  1. This looks pretty cool. I would like to see the characters be a big bigger or possibly move the camera in closer. The colors look very dull. Possibly add more vibrance could make it more appealing.

  2. Pubg = yo dawg I heard you like game breaking bugs. That the developer puts minimal effort into fixing..

    Fort nite= asset flip to make a non profitable game successful

    Realm royale = half assed asset flip.. "fad bandwagoning cash grab attempt" so basically more of the same out of hirez..

    I'm sorry but that's literally all realm royale is…. a rushed paladins asset flip attempting to capitalize on the current market fad. (Like they have been doing for the last 6 years) plus probably a lot of cheaters in time too.
    Hirez zero tolerance policy on cheaters only applies to free players…

    I was once banned from paladins for confronting hirez about a cheater with undeniable evidence.. after they tried to lie to me and give me a bullshit excuse to justify this player wasn't cheating.. as soon as I called them out and they realized I was not stupid.. they accused me of cyber bullying and banned my account as well as on the forums, steam community discussion and reddit… to attempt to stop me from vocalizing not only the injustice but also they are biased towards the wallet warriors..

    Toxic on a free account get banned less than a month.

    Toxic on a paid account.. use racial slurs.. make threats of violence against others, provoke them to commit suicide… perfectly acceptable.. on a free account you'll be banned in a matter of hours for any of these

  3. This is game is still on alpha and it looks amazing! The gameplay mechanics looks solid. There a lot of new possible content for this game, maps, character skins, mount skins, skills from paladins, emotes, prone(?). I hope this game do well. Answering the question if it can compete with PUBG and fortnite… It might have a chance but its going to be really long to be up there. great video dude

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