The Biggest Problem With Call of Duty Black Ops 4!

In Call of Duty Black Ops 4, we know many things are fantastic. However, there is one thing I believe is the biggest problem in Black Ops 4 Hope you enjoy!


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31 Comments on “The Biggest Problem With Call of Duty Black Ops 4!”

  1. I use crash 90% of the time other ten is when he’s taken I grab who’s available specialist weapons take me out of the game as well as most of the RB abilities crash is lovely for me


    the lack of counterplay is a huge negative.

    tac mask is supposed to counter 9bang, tempest etc. however, all it does is shorten the time youre incapacitated (and even then its buggy af; sometimes 9bang locks me out the full duration with my hand up albeit i can see and move just fine. its annoying). if the shit thats supposed to counter specialists actually countered it, then itd be more fun and fair. what difference does it make if im only shocked for less time by tempest? im still stunned on the ground regardless. cant do anything to fight back whatsoever.

    its irritating to run the tac mask and still be blinded and unable to do anything. the fact that the minigame for seeker mine is autocompleted but you still lose control for like 2 seconds in order to complete the animations is bs. thats not even remotely a counter; it doesnt allow me to negate anything. whether i run tac mask or not is irrelevant because (in the case of seeker mine) im still doing the full animation of pulling the lead out; the only thing changing is whether i push the button or not.

    Recon is another one. as far as i can tell, theres NO counter to his sensor dart. regardless of ghost cold blooded and dead silence you still show up on the radar. cold blooded only reduced the duration you are outlined for by the vision pulse.

    at least tac mask counters zero’s disrupter emp properly; you dont get affected by it at all. and it significantly reduces the time youre hacked for. still hate the fact that if im havin a good game vs a zero, that the moment my streaks are up i may as well forget about enjoying them. i either have to wait till ive seen ice pick used by both zeroes or just accept my streaks are gone. idk if its a bug or not, but killing zero while shes in the middle of hacking doesnt stop her hacking. she can pull it right back up as if nothing happened when she respawns. but other specialists lose their wep if they die while using.

    the dog has no aim assist on it so its harder to aim at and take down. barricade and razer wire last far too long and the only way to “reliably/consistently” remove them is by fully committing a class point to the launcher. even then it takes several rockets to destroy barricade compared to how short a cd is. and by the time you get close to blowing it up, youre already killed because youre making so much noise breaking it.

    annihilator is fair imo. its entirely up to gun skill to hit that thing and you only get 6 shots. i dont really have any issues with that. if you can land a shot with that thing against a moving target while taking damage, and the gun flinch associated, kudos to you; you deserve that kill.

    i went back to play blops3 just for a change and specialists werent as impactful as i thought they were. they charge significantly faster in blops3 than 4, but they were balanced pretty nicely. Tempest had a wind up charge time before it fired so you had to either lead your shots or somehow stop the enemy from moving (be it stunned or shocked or whatever). the chain effect had a shorter distance to chain compared to blops 4. youd think that 2 shots to kill would make it fairer or more balanced but thats counteracted by the fact that the lightning can arc some pretty big distances to chain it.

    the other factor that made specialists less impactful was the fact that the average TTK in blops3 is at least half of blops4. health 150 made the TTK nearly double so even if you are shooting at someone with a spec out, theyre going to take longer to kill, and in that time, they can counter you instantly with said spec. if the TTK was the same as in blops3, then specialists would often die more often than not, thus losing their spec weapon.

  3. Torque just promotes camping, all I see is razor wire and barricades blocking the one entrance so they can camp in peace. Prophet seeker is just annoying, most of the time, it's a free kill for the noob, even if the person breaks out of it. The worst for me is fucking nomad. His dog and mesh mines are probably the most cancerous thing for me. Getting dogs in past call of duties took a lot of skill, now it's just on a timer and noobs get easy kills with the dog and mesh mines

  4. This is the only cod I hate playing domination on. I just can’t deal with the specialists that can give you map control. You literally have to play in a party to get more wins because I always* get teammates with down syndrome and can’t always carry them.

  5. Ajax & prophet are the noobiest characters, but Zero is the worst. I earned a legit 1600 point gunship on slums, I waited until 170 points in a dom game because she hadn’t used the ice pick yet. My team couldn’t get to her, and she destroys it with ease. I now use Uav, lighting strike and hellstorm 🙃

  6. They need more shot guns, the mog 12 is good but after that sg 12 nerf the gun is not fun to use anymore it was op but still they nerfed it wayy to much. Smh

  7. For me, the easiest way to counter non-one hit kills (9-Bang, Seeker Mine, EMP, etc.) I just run Tactical Mask instead of Scavenger or Engineer or Flak Jacket, it makes it SOO much easier

  8. theses are the problems with the game terrible spawn and fucking spawn trapping and bad hit detection and terrible lag spikes and bad game balancing this game is a one big fucking mess of a game treyarch fuck this up bad i walked away until they fix this game

  9. I think all specialists should be nerfed except for maybe seraph, crash and arguably, recon. I REALLY hope MW4 doesn’t have specialists, I just believe they aren’t the future of cod… I’m not trying to brag here but I’m pretty decent at cod, and it really sucks that they implement these things which are basically free kill buttons, ruin is the best example of this you walk into a room, press Q and boom everyone’s dead, absolutely 0 skill…

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