THE FAMAS IS SO GOOD! – Call of Duty Modern Warfare (BETA)

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Gameplay (Multiplayer Gameplay) BETA. Modern Warfare FAMAS Is so good! Easily take out enemy players! This video showcases first FAMAS Gameplay ( I LOVE IT)

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47 Comments on “THE FAMAS IS SO GOOD! – Call of Duty Modern Warfare (BETA)”

  1. This game is good but cod will always be shit because 99 percent of people camp. I am a very good player run and gun never camping but you will always lose to the worst non aiming campers every time. I am seriously thinking of removing my preorder because of it. Which is why battlefield is superior no camping.

  2. This dude is a okay player he’s getting lucky. But the Famas is going to get nerfed, it’s way to powerful. Probably the most powerful weapon. Wouldn’t be surprised it gets nerfed from kids bitching to much.

  3. anyone wanting to get early access to game on xbox can just hit purchase and once you get to the payment screen hit ok but spam b right after and it should cancel and then say you have access to game, atleast it worked for me

  4. Playing beta for a bit now. I also have the feeling that Emmy enemies eat bullets like crazy but I myself die like instant. I think it has a lot to do with hit box detection and connection. Most of the times you can tell by watching killcams. A lot of your hits don’t even register

  5. I got the game by making another account and putting the location as hong kong and then u can download it for free only on ps4, make sure to activate that account as primary as well

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