The Slow Death of Call of Duty | The Futility of Call of Duty WW2

As we near the holiday of 2017 it is time to do a examination or a call of duty ww2 review of the market. As we near the release of the newest entry of this gaming monster from activision, it is clear that the franchise is in decline and call of duty ww2 may not do enough to rectify the situation. As we review the state of the franchise and look at some of the history that has led up to the recent releases on Ps4 and Xbox one, we can see exactly what has caused this decline. Call of Duty…

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  1. Black Ops 2 was my last COD game. I got so sick of the online hacking and the lack of single player modes that I walked away from the series. I miss the online play I had with my friends with MW and MW2, but neither of my friends, or myself, miss the series. I hope this series does die completely, go away for about 5-10 years to try and reinvent itself (Hint: One way to help yourself is to build a great single player experience offline.) then come back.

  2. The experience we want, isn't winning. Thats the one thing they don't, and never will get.. or even begin to understand. But we don't give a fuck about winning. We might win on rare occasions if we are top tier but thats not it.
    But any talk outside of that is meaningless to the powers that be in EA. They don't get the value of experience, ironically. Even in small groups there can be only 1 that is first. These days we have accepted that, embraced that and moved on. We all take our preferred roles and carry on.

  3. COD:MW2 was my last COD for a long time, until COD:IW came along. IW was new and dynamic and had the frist real advance in the game plays since COD2. It did well to copy Warframe and others and embrace that style of movement.
    In it's glory months it did well and it was fun and challenging to play. Both skill and map knowledge played a lrage part an the unique guns were fun to find /unlock. But like so many things it was over too soon. Even 2 months in the player base started to recede. I disagree the it was because of the difficulty. Darks souls has a large player base and it's very challenging. The biggest competition was as you said, itself.. or it's former selves…

  4. Call of Duty needs to stay out of the Syfy genre and stick to more modern or past time frames. The companies responsible for making cod need to be extremely careful with the next games in the franchise or they could end up doing what 343 industries and Microsoft did to Halo, which was killed it off, if the companies are not careful they will do the same to cod.

  5. “…call of duty has some very serious investing partners….” What? Like the Pentagon? You should do a video about the normalization of war via video games, the Pentagon’s support for these games, and the fact that the military heroes of today and the future, started as gamers. Drone operators flys their planes in a chair, staring at a screen. They can kill thirty people in a small village, and then go down to the mess hall and have lunch. What’s next? Soldier drones? A room full of soldiers sitting in gaming chairs, waging war?

  6. I understand this video is old but truthfully call of duty is dead, a lot of you don’t want to believe it but it has just become a money oriented company that lacks everything that was genuine to call of duty’s roots. I have played these games on the old ps2 and nothing will ever compare to the old call of duties. Black ops was truthfully the last good call of duty that I enjoyed playing but now it’s all 3 lane maps. Boring concepts and nothing special to them anymore, The last call of duty i ever bought was Advanced Warfare and let me tell you, never will i ever buy another one again. Worst game I have ever played. Fortnite demolished the call of duty fan base and I think that’s great, i hope it teaches them that it doesn’t matter how big your company is your fanbase matters, the more greedy you get the more we push away. We pay for more content and yet it doesn’t get any better. It’s just sad to see such a great series go to hell.

  7. It'd be great if the "kids" could learn how to play a video game instead of dropping out of any and every challenge they are presented with. We are talking about a video game.. we have to dumb down games so dumber and dumber kids still wanna play!? I guess its time for me to stop gaming.

  8. I don’t care how ridiculous or insane this sounds but COD WW2 is one of the biggest insults I have ever seen in gaming. It’s sickening to think that generic run of the mill piece of garbage was a financial success. Not only is it just another COD game (which complaining about is beyond beating a dead horse) but it being back in world war 2 is arguably the most insulting part. Could they have come up with a more creativity bankrupt idea? World war 2 is so damn boring (in all forms of media not just video games) and it hadn’t even been 10 years since the last WW2 game yet they had the audacity to claim it had been more than a decade. Fuck COD WW2, fuck the series and fuck anyone who defends it

  9. I agree completely. I'm a former fan who hasn't bought a single CoD game this console generation. I have however played Ghosts and Black Ops 3 extensively (for free of course). Here's why CoD is dead to me:

    (1) The settings for Black Ops 3/4, Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare are absolutely retarded. Wall-running, jump jets and cyborgs are not what most people want in a CoD game. We've got plenty of other FPS games doing that shit, and doing it better. Destiny, Halo, Titanfall, etc. Part of the enjoyment of CoD multiplayer traditionally was that you could apply real life small unit tactics, generally speaking, and do well. The last game that really felt like this was Ghosts. If I wanted a ridiculous sci-fi setting, I'd buy something else.

    (2) Fatigue. So much fatigue. I'm a FORMER fan of Assassin's Creed for the exact same reason. As the gamer market continues to get older and older, adults with jobs and responsibilities don't have as much time to play as they'd like. Rather than play nothing but a certain game franchise that comes out annually, many people want to diversify their gaming experiences. So maybe I'll buy a CoD or AC title every 2 or 3 years, instead of every year. Eventually, the desire to play them at all passes completely, and what was once a "must play" becomes "meh, maybe I'll get around to playing it some day."

    (3) Micro-transactions and their effect on the tone of the game. I won't shit on CoD alone for micro-transactions because I know it's a larger issue industry wide. "Pay to win" is a legitimate problem. But so is the aesthetic shit. When I first played Black Ops 3 multiplayer a month ago (as a PS+ freebie for June), I hardly recognized it as CoD anymore. Players and weapons were all painted retarded neon colors and wearing dumb costumes. CoD used to be a place for at least semi-realistic combat. As CleanPrince stated, it felt like warfare, not some children's game. Now, CoD seems to have been hijacked by the Overwatch/Fortnight crowd of adolescent gamers.

  10. Comparing the gameplay and 'immersion of Titanfall and LawBreakers to Cod is absurd. The reason those two games failed financially is not because of immersion. Law Breakers failed because of direct competition with other hero shooters and specifically the launch time coinciding with Pubg. Titanfall failed because it's launch was put in between Battlefield and Call of Duty. Titanfall's immersion far exceeds any call of duty game. Law Breakers didn't have a ton of support and given its genre, immersion wasn't necessary. Comparing these two games with cod based on relative genre and financial failing is a fall equivalency beyond measure.

  11. The reason I switched to Battlefield is every COD game since Modern Warfare 1 has felt the same. While it worked for MW1, World at War, and MW2 it started to get stale. Now the campaign is a short super soldier flick I get get through in 6 hours or less and multiplayer is just same shit different guns. With Battlefield I got something different and real. While Battlefield 1 isn’t the best Battlefield it’s better than every COD since Black Ops 1. I know I’m playing Battlefield, but it doesn’t feel like I’m playing the same game over and over again every year.

  12. Before I watch the video. I think that the decline of the franchise can be attributed to little things here and there. Mostly it is just a tried and true formula that people are getting bored with. I love every game they make but the community criticizes everything. Everyone shouts "give us boots on the ground" then they get that with WW2 and everyone complains about that. People complain about loot boxes and supply drops but it is something that every game does have and will have and we must accept that.

  13. Either Battlefield or Call Of Duty should tackle the bullshit we see on tv every day in 2018, you have four different archetypal villains that would be perfect for a war game, namely, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung Un, Xi Jinping, all these guys could launch a title on their own, hell, make it a four part series showing the road to war as they all enact a campaign of stupid warmongering tactics and have a fifth installment that is called World War 3. X files did a brilliant reboot incorporating all the political crap that unfolded during its’ hiatus, there’s no reason why an fps franchise can’t take from the real world and creatively mix it up.

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