THE SNIPER MISSION! (Call of Duty WW2 Campaign #3)

THE SNIPING MISSION in the Call of Duty WW2 Campaign!
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Welcome to the 3rd mission of the COD WW2 Campaign!

“Stronghold” shares even more similarities with Saving Private Ryan, and it has some gruesome moments…

It’s one of the simpler, shorter missions I’ve played…

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  1. I had a glitch where the door would open but no dialogue and no one would go out. So I though this was pretty weird so I continued with the rest of the mission. I started killing off the enemies and then after killing off the enemies on the truck I saw Aiello go but there was still that star at the place right outside the church. So I though that was weird and I look through the scope to see what was wrong with the game and Zussman was dead and stuck in a star pose. I laughed and reloaded my save. After that I found out that when Zussman died the game saved a checkpoint so the level was broken. If anyone knows how this happened please tell me.

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