Travis' Yee-Haw Game Ranch: Call of Duty WWII | S1E3

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Travis Willingham and Brian Yee-Haw Foster take on the rough-and-tumble arenas of Call of Duty: WWII and learn some Game Ranch lore from Tet’nus Terry.

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22 Comments on “Travis' Yee-Haw Game Ranch: Call of Duty WWII | S1E3”

  1. I didn't think I'd appreciate the saving private Ryan line during Gustav Cannon from travis. "He fell before he heard the shot". That movie is still my favorite to date and Jackson was my favorite character.

  2. 57:35 That Saving Private Ryan comment is interesting, especially since to my knowledge most bullets have a faster velocity than the speed of sound. And now I am going to research different ammunition speeds compared to sound. Thanks Game Ranch! Got at least an hour of fun homework to do

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