Twitch BMW M3 any% Speedrun – NFS Most Wanted (See Description for Savefile)

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Insane Junkman BMW with a Twitch Livery: Love that Car!

No mods required! Timer starts at 9 min because the Prologue is skipped! Playing the career mode with overpowered fully tuned Cars with all Junkman parts equipped!

Unpack and Put the Savefile-Folder here: C:Users”Computer Name”DocumentsNFS Most Wanted


26 Comments on “Twitch BMW M3 any% Speedrun – NFS Most Wanted (See Description for Savefile)”

  1. Should I have to run the game and start new career first before I replace the BMWM3GTRE46 Folder?
    Or should I replace the folder first before running the game?

    Will this also work on Black Edition NFS MW?

  2. they missed the opportunity to name the profile HotShot

    because get it?
    because cross says hey hotshot
    so hotshot is your name
    he also says sit down, how you been sooooooooooooooooo
    missed opportunity

  3. Kill yourself
    That original M3 vinyl is sacred
    Nobody should even dare to customise it
    I would rather burn to death
    I know Asians do weird shit, but this, fuckin hell this is awful

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