Twitch Drama/News 48 (Summit1G Fortnite, Cincinbear Banned, Anything4Views, Ice RV 2)

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38 Comments on “Twitch Drama/News 48 (Summit1G Fortnite, Cincinbear Banned, Anything4Views, Ice RV 2)”

  1. Whe live in a society of children. A girl says a word that so many people say but since she has a different skin color she gets called a racist and gets banned. And fuck off with the comment, "but that word has history" bullshit. Its a word cunt.

  2. How the heck do u play pubG everyday… landing, looting the same junk, shooting the same nubs. At least fortnite takes skill with the building… Summit can't build so he has to slam it lol

  3. Finally he fucking admits it, I knew he hated this game but never wanted to say it because of the views, I got into so many arguments with his dick riders saying he loves that game, like fuck off

  4. Why did you edit the summit clip, he said its not a bad game but not a 8 hours everyday kind of game…I’m paraphrasing, but you’re doing what media is doing, thats dishonest man, don’t be like that

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